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Our Wonderful Rosie's story

As is the case in many of our wonderful champions we do not have her full history.  Only that she was bred in Ireland and is registered with the Irish Stud Book.  Her registered name is Viva Cha and she is 4years old. 
A beautiful black girlie with a personality to die for, she was collected from a pound environment by the Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue who had to be at the centre by 12 noon.  They arrived 1 minute before she was due for destruction.
She already had the squares shaved on each side of her rib cage for electrocution (how barbaric). 

Rosie (as she was named) was taken to a foster home where she was cool, calm and confident before blossoming into a fun-loving individual.

We had been looking for a very long time for a very special girlie  as a companion to our boy Tyler (he came to us through Greyhound Gap) and she is the perfect individual. 
She is cheeky, loving, happy-go-lucky, confident and - well - just brilliant really, and very happy to be in her forever home.

And we are VERY happy to have Rosie and Tyler in our home . They are great buddies to us and each other and love to visit my 84 year old Mum who (as all Mum's should) spoil them rotten!!

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